It all starts in just a few minutes! Will Cosima figure out what's making her sick? Will Sarah find Kira? Will anyone find out who Rachel is? What's up with Mrs. S? I CAN'T WAIT!

Tonight we break the first rule of clone club. Tonight we talk allll about clone club!


UPDATE, post episode: I hope I was not alone in thinking this was a GREAT start to season two. I couldn't believe the episode was an hour long since it seemed to just fly by. This leaves us with several questions for next week- How did Helena survive? Who's got Kira? Is Paul still a good guy? Will Cosima fuck things up by working for Dyad? What crafts will Allison make? Do you think she can pull off the lead in the musical? Can Sarah trust Art to help her? I think she can. I've been hoping that she would tell Art from the middle of season 1. He seems like a good guy and he'll be on her side. Angie, on the other hand…