And it isn't likely to ever be on TV. And for once that's not because it's something I made that lacks an audience, either. My big stack of media for this week is talks from the HOPE X Convention. I was there, but since I've been on the security team for a long time, it's very rare that I get to be in the room for an entire talk. I'm busy making sure people have their badges, sneaking VIPs through the back halls, and making sure that NY fire code is the last thing that gets our event shut down. Even if I were just an attendee, there are usually 4 talks going on at once, so it's impossible to watch everything while you're there.

HOPE stands for Hackers on Planet Earth. Maybe you heard about us last weekend when our Conversation with Edward Snowden was one of the number one streams on the Internet.

It was a well-attended talk at the time too. Even with all the conference hall space we had devoted to it (or a live stream), we had to close the 18th floor almost a full half hour before Daniel Ellsberg's preceding Keynote (also available on livestream).


These, though, are just the tip of the iceberg. The Internet Society, who is very good to us at HOPE, not only streamed everything going on in the Manning, Serpico, and Olson halls, but they also put up edits of individual talks for folks like me who missed the speakers.

While HOPE is a convention for hackers, that doesn't just mean computers and code. It's true that we have an obsession with that, as well as privacy, security, and internet rights. But it's also true that we had talks on molecular gastronomy and talks featuring Marcell before he had his Quantum Kitchen. Nina Paley came to HOPE 9 to talk about Sita Sings the Blues and the public domain. This year we had talks on Self Publishing, an amazing peek inside North Korea, Improv with Spies, and a lot of things I was too busy to notice.

Jezzies and Groupthinkers! Check out this talk on The Sex Geek as a Culture Hacker.

If you want to see why I was throwing people out of the hotel when the convention was almost over on Sunday afternoon, check out this talk on elevator hacking.

And if you just want to see something silly from my life, you can watch the closing ceremonies at about 1:05:00 to see that security can't even give their closing speech without getting called away to deal with something. Or, you can watch at the beginning to hear about the crazy 10 GB network we had for the weekend.

It's important to note that these archives won't be up forever, probably just until the 2600 staff finishes up the DVD edits. So, catch them while you can, or head to the 2600 store and buy the full talk archive on DVD for half price while they're still putting them all together.