HBO is super-proud that people steal their stuff. People watch shows via other people's HBO GO passwords, or pirate sites, and HBO brags about its massive numbers. Game of Thrones is now its most-watched series ever, and they are pleased that most people don't pay for it. They encourage the theft. And now they seem to have updated their software to be sure that the internet provider actually provides HBO to the connection, rather than asking for the name & password of the account the viewer wants to use. I don't understand this.

When you encourage stealing, and make it easy to steal, why change it in a way that will not bring more people to your service? Rather than making it more exclusive and difficult to access, why not make an online pay service, separate from a cable subscription? I know many, many people who would pay for HBO Go on its own, myself included. Not all of us want to pay hundreds of dollars for channels we'll never watch, just to get to the channels with the shows that we want to see.

Can someone explain to me why HBO GO is giving us such mixed messages? And how to encourage them otherwise?