Hi, there! This is my first post for anything besides my own whiny little corner of Kinja, so I thought we could get to know each other a little bit.

My TV currently has a DVR hooked up to it as well as a computer, but I do most of my viewing through the computer, be it Netflix, a friend's Plex server, Amazon Prime (which I straight up have for the shipping, everything else is a bonus I regularly forget about), Hulu Plus, or that other way of watching things we don't talk about (Actually, I kind of want to talk about that, because the reasons people do that are interesting, but another time.).

For the longest time, The Nerdy Mr. and I didn't watch anything that was currently airing, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we were way into binge-watching before Netflix was even sending out DVDs. Secondly, with some shows, waiting week to week is just the worst (I'm looking at you bizarre season of True Blood where everyone was running around a museum or something naked and covered in blood.), so it's easier to just wait for it to be over.

Then, in 2007, there was the Writer's Strike, and that meant there was basically no TV for a while (If you don't know or remember what that was about, this video, done by The Daily Show's writers at the time, explains it well.). And during those long, long months, we caught up on everything.

When it was over, there were three categories of shows left: currently airing shows, shows we'd watched already, and shows we hadn't heard of yet. And even though the Writer's Strike was totally done more than 5 years ago, the barren feeling of the TV landscape hasn't really changed for us. When we binge-watch now it's mostly stuff we've seen already, and you would probably have a tough time telling we're watching it (aside from the TV being on) if we didn't look up to talk about it once in a while.

There are a handful of shows we watch faithfully week to week. To name a couple: Breaking Bad til the finale, Parks and Rec (because The Nerdy Mr. worked with Amy on UCB when he was in high school.), Adventure Time, because it's adorable and makes Mels happy. Rick and Morty is the newcomer to the list, and a worthwhile show by Community's Dan Harmon. Compared to how we binge-watch, we watch these shows the same way the dog watches us eat. It's rare for one of us to turn to a laptop for anything more than a quick Google search to clarify our conversation.


Did I forget to mention that we tend to talk during TV? That's a big part of our how we watch TV. To put it simply, the difference between television as a passive medium and television as an active medium is the level of your own engagement.

Do you just accept what's happened or do you talk about it?

The Nerdy Mr and I will talk during an episode, and keep talking about it for hours if not days. My MIL, on the other hand, will flay you alive if you speak during her TV, but as soon as the show is done airing, it's over for her and she sometimes forgets she's ever seen that show at all. We all get a lot of rewatchability, but for very, very different reasons.


So, what about you guys? What are you watching, and how?