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We Like to Watch
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It's like watching some high schooler's script trying to fit into a formula for something they filmed for YouTube. Thus far, 24: Live Another Day has been that bad.

I mean excuse me, but I haven't hung out in many hacktivist collectives, but I don't think the guy in charge has a desk by the window, which you really have to look to make certain it's not enclosed in glass and the definition of "collective" is that they're not employees, who do what they're told. If Chloe wants the fellow's help, she needs to be nicer to him and if she wants the woman in the corner to do something, she'll need to ask.


As for Jack, I get that he's trying to convince people that he's not a bad guy or something, but the way he recites the bit about what he's doing is like a kindergartner giving a well-rehearsed report. And I don't even care about the mother and daughter in the least. I guess they're supposed to be the bad guys, sort of a Lilly from The Following, but leave all your mother, daughter and son-in-law stuff aside. Unless it's piloting a drone, no one gives a shit.

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