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InkMaster: The Judges and Open Discussion

With InkMaster being in its fourth season the three judges, Dave Navarro, Chris Núñez, and Oliver Peck, never fail to deliver brutally honest critiquing. Regarding the most recent episode, one of the contestants, Kyle Dunbar, gets into with Núñez over this. Núñez told the newly-safe contestants to send a message that Kyle should have been down in the "worst tattoos" panel during judging. This is Kyle's second season on IM because he got voted back from last season by America. Kyle got dumped on all last season by the judges and this season was a repeat. I can completely understand Kyle's frustration, but he also lacks self-awareness, especially when he told Núñez he could "tattoo circles" around him. He's not the only one; former contestant Randy thought his harsh critiques was because he was gay, when in reality, it was because he was kind of a bad tattoo artist.

These judges are not The Voice judges. They don't sugar-coat shit. As far as reality television judging goes, they have to be the three toughest ones I can think of on the top of my head. Forgetting the fact that they're on a reality show on Spike, I think the judges take what they do very seriously and don't want their craft to be a mockery (once again, forget the fact that they're on a reality show.) Can you blame them? I mean, have you seen some of the people that have come on the show. Last season, first episode, Cee Jay got eliminated for misspelling Corinthians (she spelled it "Cortnthians.") She claimed to have fifteen years experience. Another contestant said that he wasn't able to do a proper tattoo because he only brought one machine (he claimed to have fourteen years experience.) And the beginning of this season, there were some really bad tattoo artists. Free or not, you don't want some shitty tattoo on you for the rest of your life. It's not like on Top Chef, where if you make shitty food, people don't eat or it comes out (eventually.) So I can't blame the judges for being the way they are.


Thoughts on anything else InkMaster related?

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