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Is Kate Morgan the new Jack Bauer?

The current season of 24 introduced CIA agent Kate Morgan. In many ways she is acting like a younger version of Jack Bauer back when he was still in the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU). Spoilers ahead.

How is Kate Morgan the new Jack Bauer?

Right off the bat in the first episode she's the only one in the CIA London station to figure out what Jack is up to. When no one listens to her Kate takes bold, rash Jack-style action by taking down her guard and going on a one person assault. Jack apparently notes she's the only competent person around so when he has the chance he grabs her and tells her about the drones.


Again she's the only one to seriously consider Jack is telling the truth and takes another bold, rash Jack-style action during the hostage crisis. She not only saves Jack's life but sneaks out the flight key with the critical information. By the first commercial break in last night's episode she's even talking to Chloe O'Brian* through an earpiece (Jack's earpiece in fact). As soon as Jack said he had a lead but didn't trust the CIA to not screw it up I was waiting for the "I'll only work with Kate Morgan, dammit" moment (which looks like it will be next episode along with the requisite torture scene).

I don't know what Fox is thinking long term. Maybe it's just Kiefer Sutherland is getting a little long in the tooth for the action stuff so Yvonne Strahovski is picking up the slack. Or maybe this season is Jack's last hurrah and if the ratings are good Kate Morgan will pick up the torch for 24: The Next Generation.

*Is anyone else not really feeling Chloe's goth look. It looked okay in the promos but in the show it's just not working for me. I get she's going through a rough personal patch and Chloe's never been a ray of sunshine to start with but WTF.


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