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It's the week before network upfronts, where they promote their next season shows, and so this week is the time when SO MANY SHOWS get the axe. With each announcement, I think of all those people who are now out of work. I hope they're all having fierce wakes for their shows, big get-togethers with everyone who worked on it, recounting good times and drinking to excess, or having Korean BBQ or singing karaoke or something, to remember the fun before they return to job searching tomorrow. I, for one, will miss The Tomorrow People and Suburgatory, and of course Community most of all. What shows will you be mourning?


ETA: Now The Crazy Ones is gone too. I'm genuinely bummed. That turned into quite a solid little show. It went from Robin Williams acting his Robin Williamsest to a solid ensemble, all of whom were more than capable of keeping up. And for some reason I was shocked—shocked!—at James Wolk. For some reason, all I'd remembered him from was Lone Star's two episodes. So much more skill in that guy than I'd thought. I thought he and the other ensemble members did a great job on this one. A modest hit, that I had thought was doing all right. Guess not.

still taken from the best Thanksgiving episode of TV ever: WKRP in Cincinnati

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