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Just Found Another Reason to Love BSG

I just concluded my umpteenth rewatch of Battlestar Galactica, in its entirety. (spoiler-ish) I'm a little dehydrated from all the crying, but it's all good. I noticed a line in the finale that I've never paid much attention to before. I've always loved the way this show had the women rescuing the men ALL the TIME, and the sense of true gender equality it had. Tonight it was just one little, almost throw-away, line that made me pause for a second and bask in its glorious awesomeness.

"And Mommy will teach you how to build a house."


So simple, right? Did you catch the awesome, too? Maybe it's context.

A family is exploring the grassland where they're to make a new life for themselves. The parents are holding their daughter's hands while she swings and plays. The parents good-naturedly bicker over who is the better hunter, and therefore is more qualified to teach their daughter to hunt. The mother insists she is, because of that one time when they had first met when the father couldn't hit a deer for them to eat. So the mother starts listing off things that she will teach her daughter. She says she will teach her how to build a house, and the father is glad that that means he can teach her to hunt.

How frakkin' great is that??!? Mommy is the expert in building construction. Daddy isn't.

This show always did fantastic things with its women. It had a sense of gender equality that I haven't found anyplace else. Every once in a while I will miss this world, where women have the same footing in politics and society as men, and where men and women are sparring partners, and it gives me hope. Hope that it's not completely outlandish to expect a world like that in our future. These are the kind of women I hope we're raising now. These are the kind of men I hope we are raising now, too. People who see each other as people with value, no matter their gender, who have the ability to contribute intelligence to the conversation, and be respected for it.


I especially need this bit of hope when crap like that UCSB shooter's manifesto makes its way into the public consciousness. That's when my escapism gene kicks in, and I need to go off someplace that's more enlightened than here.

Can you think of any other shows that truly treat gender equally? Is it more realistic? Is it more fantastical? I feel the need to watch more shows/movies about this kind of place, where people are people and who gives a shit what chromosomes you have.

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