and how it is MESSING UP MY CHART.

I have a chart, like one does, for the relationships for OUaT. And now, they've messed up this timeline EVEN MORE.

But at least we now know that Rumple is not Zelena's father. THANK GOD.

Anyway, timeline:

1) Cora gets conned by the gardener, gets pregnant with Zelena

2) Meets young (?) Prince Leopold (Snow's Papa). Except, I don't think he's that young.

3) Quick little engagement with Prince Leopold.

4) Leopold marries Ava anyway.

5) Cora does her thing and marries Prince Henry, they have Regina.

6) Regina becomes old enough to marry King Leopold.

7) Leopold somehow DOES NOT have an issue with Regina being the daughter of his lying ex-fiancee?


I can maaaaaaybe accept this timeline but it's pretty tight. If they made Leopold a bit younger (way younger, so I wasn't disappointed that he wasn't played by Toby from The West Wing) I would have been more accepting. Well, as accepting as I get when OUaT makes Fairy Tale Land into Practically Incestuous Land.

Anyway, this messes up my chart because I am running out of room. It's getting really hard to connect people and still have it readable! Although the readability has been a little suspect ever since I found out about Cora :/


(Also, you go get it, Regina!)