I have always loved Don & Peggy & their interactions. It's the best part. Like the center of a Double-Stuft Oreo. (spoilers)

The Steggy stuff is fun, because Stan has no shot with her whatsoever. With Don, it's more like a father-daughter relationship, that neither of them intended. It's really beautiful, to watch it change and yet stay so grounded. Don makes Peggy way less crazy, and gives her more confidence, and it's great to watch. And she makes Don feel like he really has made a difference in his life, by having this platonic relationship that he hasn't destroyed. It's great to see them get back to a good place, when she had been so freaking out about his return to the office at the beginning of the season.

And Peggy's relationship with Pete is fascinating. I loved that moment they had last season at the restaurant with Ted. It was great to see them at this burger restaurant, where "everyone at the table is family." Because they are! It's been nearly a decade, and they all know each other better than they thought they would (or wanted to). And there's definitely love there, and it's so very sweet.

I'm going to miss this show. For something I didn't watch for a couple of seasons, binging it really brings out the love!

And yes, this moment made me cry. I'm not heartless after all!