We've all seen it. A scene in a show where a character is saying something and is just being a real tool...dbag...asshole.mean poopy head? However you want to phrase it, the point is they're right, but they're making themselves so completely un-sympatheic to their case it's hard for the audience to root for them. We've all seen this in TV, so let's discuss some of our favorites. In the some vein as IO9's open topics, i ask you include name of the show and picture at minimum, video if possible. I'll kick things off here with....

Ross tells Emily they can't postpone the wedding- Friends #423 "The One With Ross's Wedding Part 1"

I don't have scientific data to back this up. But i would guess if you polled a bunch of Friends fans and asked them their favorite character, i imagine in 2014 Ross would be pretty low on the list. In fact i did find a couple of polls online which demonstrate my point. This one from SpoilerTV.com was posted in Nov of 2013 and has Ross 4/6, the lowest of the 3 boys and only above Monica and Rachael by around 100 votes. Now again, hardly scientific considering it only had 1858 votes.

I also have a poll from Fanpop.com which has Ross at the bottom of all the mains with 5%, even losing to "Can't Choose" which had 8%. Now what this shows is that there seems to be a trend against Ross. I think his character worked fine in the mid to late 90s. Nerds beating their tormentors and getting all the sex that was denied them was a feel good thing. But in 2014, the age of the MRA and the Nice Guy(tm), Ross's character just doesn't work. I never had much of an opinion on him when the show was on, preferring Chandler myself. But in looking back, he does have a lot of Nice Guy about him. His goal is basically to get the rich cheerleader and ignores all other things, even when he's presented with a woman who is his intellectual equal in Charlie. But for this moment i feel the need to defend Ross.


During the Emily wedding arc, the chapel where they are to wed gets torn down ahead of schedule. Distraught, Emily is considering postponing the wedding when Monica suggests it. Ross flips his lid, reminding Emily of all the friends and family who have made plans and taken time out to fly to London. Emily says they should just cancel the wedding then. Now of course because it's TV they come up with a solution before the end of the 45 minutes that ensures the happy resolution. But Ross, for all his faults, is not wrong here. People are flying across the world for her wedding and to just expect people to eat the non-refundable tickets and eat their lost time off because you can't get the location you want is very selfish and rude. I get it you're the bride, but reality bites sometimes. Ross wasn't wrong in getting upset, but in typical Ross fashion he did it in such a dickish way that it took a verbal lashing from Monica to get him to relent and come to the happy resolution. He was a tool...but he wasn't wrong.