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My Favorite!! Repeats Itself

Tonight's episode of Parks & Recreation reminded me in many ways of one of my favorite episodes of Battlestar Galactica. They have the same bones. I am so HAPPY!!! Allow me to explain... (spoilers for both ahead)

This episode of P&R reminded me of BSG's "Unfinished Business" episode in season 3. Both series had a major time jump at the beginning of the season. Both had best-friend-types suddenly feud after said time-jump. And both used a bit of a bottle episode to explain the reasons for the feuds. Sure, one version included an actual boxing ring, but both episodes included solidly-landed punches. There's forgiveness and truth and exposed nerves. And in the end, they remember why they love each other! It's SO the same!!


Two questions: A) Do you have a favorite episode of television, and B) Have you ever seen it in something else? Am I alone here?

Sidenote: Did Leslie's early annoying of Ron remind anyone else of her SNL sketch with Horatio Sanz: RICK!! Rick!Rick!Rick!RickRickRickRickRickRIIIIICK!!

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