Hello! I just joined yesterday and I wanted to cry and moan that one thing I looked forward to all weekend was to watch the track wreck that is Petals on the Wind and my satellite crapped out.

Oh, VC Andrews you and your fucked up series about a brother and sister who are locked up in an attic and start boning each other, because why not? What else is there to do? There are only so many arsenic donuts you can eat and looking after your twin brother and sister (who do not bone each other, I mean what is up with THAT?!) with their giant heads and little bodies can be such a drag. Heck, their dad and mom were actually half brother and sister too, so it's all ok!Anyway, now I am up late, waiting to watch the movie when Lifetime re-runs it. I wonder, will Cathy's boobs be as mesmerizing as they were in the book? Her heaving bosom was a character in itself! If only I had breasts like those, ones which would tempt a 40 year old man when I was only 15. With breasts like those, who needs to be a prima ballerina?