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New Scandal Promos

So I am watching the new Scandal promos and in this moment I feel like I understand 1/16 of what Paula Patton must be going through. I think, you got some damn nerve coming around here when you know good and well Season three was a complete mess from premiere to finale. And shonda is out here giving interviews trying to act all cute.

You're lying shonda. Stop lying. You act like I ain't been here. I've been here since season one! I ain't one of these thots that just saw this shit it season three. And then people are supporting and co signing her making me feel crazy. Nah. I am not crazy. Rallying behind Mellie?* NOOOOOO. All this to say I have a lot of feelings and if you would like to bitch about Scandal season three. Or tell me why I am wrong. (I will defend my position to the death.) I am happy to do that. I just had to to get this out.


*I used to like mellie just fine. She was a character I kind of felt for until that stupid rape plotline. It was totally used for people to feel sorry for her and to excuse the character for every horrible decision she had made up until that point. It was like, look y'all this white woman is in pain. Never mind Olivia with her abusive father and sociopathic mother and a man child for a boyfriend, because this white woman is SUFFERING. And it also sucks b/c it ruined a very interesting commentary on the tenuous relationships between black women and white women but... smh

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