Just watched the first two episodes. SO. COOL.






OK, so episode 1 was a bit cheesy, but pilots always are. I let it slide. But that second episode - so good. The seance scene was FAN. FUCKING. TASTIC and Eva Green was killing it. I couldn't understand half of what was being said, but I don't even care. I'm sure someone will be kind enough to translate some of it for me in the comments.

Starting from the beginning though - do you think Josh Hartnett is supposed to be the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde in this Gothic orgy? They seem to be making it look like he's the culprit behind those unfortunate eviscerations, and this episode he woke up in the middle of nowhere all creeped out and shit, and last episode he seemed really upset at the crime scene. More upset than one would expect… Hmmm….

Dorian Grey - I could not give two shits. Didn't like the novel, not interested, moving on.

Billie Piper seems to be doing well, but that accent's got something else going on. That accent needs to go on a backpacking trip through India and find itself and then get back to me.


And then the Frankenstein bit. Disclaimer - Frankenstein is one of my favourite books. The TV show deviated from the canon almost immediately, but it was fine - they made Proteus and his relationship with Victor so believable and genuine, and the actor nailed it. It's not an easy role, and that one bit when he rambled off all the parts of the ship was such a great moment. Watching him go out and experience the world for the first time, and start remembering his life and then THE FIST POPS OUT OF HIS CHEST ALIEN-STYLE I DO NOT LIKE THIS NEW DEVELOPMENT NO THANK YOU PLEASE.


So upset.

But yeah, what did you guys think? I know I'm late to the party but I didn't see a discussion post for episode 2 yet.