Hey there, clone club! I couldn't watch last week's episode live because my silly boyfriend (whom I love dearly) will not get cable so that I can watch Orphan Black. Hmph. Anyway, I am back at home with my lovely BBCA this weekend and am ready for episode 3!

This week, Sarah, Felix, and Kira are on the run. Do they go camping? Will they have adventures? They're due to meet up with some dude named Cal, who is described by my cable episode info as "Sarah's old flame." Hopefully Helena is not too torn up about Tomas getting a nail through his brain at the end of the last episode. RIP Tomas, you crazy religious dude you.

So let's forget about that dumbass Jezebel post and enjoy the next episode!

Update: Looks like tonight is the premier of the musical! Time to sweep sweep sweep away the plasma!