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The Blacklist finale was a real surprise

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The second season finale of The Blacklist was being touted as a “game-changer.” In this case the hype was actually true. Spoilers ahead.


To be honest I was expecting the show to hit some sort of reset button to keep the Reddington task force going. But Elizabeth Keen shot that reset in the heart. It’s no longer a case of Liz being framed for crimes she didn’t commit. She killed the Attorney General of the United States and there’s no walking that back.

  • Is the task force’s new focus tracking down Liz and Red? Will Ressler stay in charge? Is Cooper out of the Bureau for good?
  • Do Red and Liz chase down blacklisters on their own while trying to stay one step ahead of the task force? That would be my guess for next season.
  • What will the Cabal be up to while this is going on? The plan for a new war was sidelined and the Cabal probably needs to lie low after the news stories were published. But I don’t think it will be wiped out before the next season starts. The Cabal will be after Liz as much as Red.

The Blacklist was renewed for a third season and I’m looking forward to seeing where the show goes.

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