You don't see them much anymore but back in the 70s 80s and 90s we had a lot of "Very Special Episodes". These were usually episodes with a powerful message or theme. A lot of times they would touch on a topic of the day or a political message. One famous example is the episode of 'Different Strokes" when the boys have an unexpected run in with a pedophilic bike shop owner. An important message was learned that day. Captain Planet took a break in later seasons to discuss non-environmental issues like gang violence, civil rights and AIDS. And did so as hammy and heavy handed as they did with their environmental issues. Thanks Ted Turner! Well today, I want to play a game. Let's come up with our own 'Very Special Episode" Take your favorite show and try to come up with an idea of a story synopsis that would be either addressing an important topic or perhaps is a serious topic that needs addressing. I'll give you a few ideas to start with.

Star Trek The Next Generation "When he is late for a shift in Engineering and almost causes a warp core explosion from his carelessness, Reginald Barcley must deal with his holoedeck addiction before his Starfleet career disappears like his holographic friends"

NCIS "Zhiva is forced to address her hatred of Palestinians when a prisoner has information about a bombing and only her Assad training can get him to talk. Can she put aside her issues with the past to get the info or will she let her hate overcome her?

MST3K "Mike Crow, and Gypsy are forced to have an interviention with Tom Servo's underware collection starts to get into vital parts of the ship causing damage to major systems. They must try to get Tom to come to terms with a trauma of his past which has caused him to collect underpants before they cause the ship to crash into the Earth"

Anyway, you get the idea. Have fun!