Green Arrow is just the poor man's Batman

Sexay Robin Hood in the house

It seems like the writers of this show just Wikipedia'd Green Arrow

Oh hey it's Lex Luthor's mansion from Smallville! Is that the go-to mansion for Vancouver based filming or something? Or is this some kind of show-ception?


Is that island also where the Blair Witch Project was shot? Why is everything so shaky????

Oh hey it's Marissa Copper's little sister from The OC! Weren't you 16 like, 7 years ago?


Laurel Lance?! That's Laurel Lance???? What the fuck are you doing to Black Canary CW??? What the fuck are you doing???? I hate you Laurel.

Shouldn't he maybe see a therapist for the obvious PTSD? I would assume that's standard returning-from-isolated-island-procedure

Oliver is surrounded by some of the shittiest people ever. He's supposedly trapped alone on STEADY CAM HELL ISLAND and finally manages to be rescued and everyone's all like "you had sex with lots of women and my sister and you're a jerkface"


What the hell is up with Laurel's dad's accent. Is that actor having a stroke or something? I can't understand any of this gibberish.

"Blah blah blah you killed Sarah blah blah blah" —the Lance family. I don't know any human being that would continue to blame someone for the death of an adult who made her own damn decisions after he was trapped on STEADY CAM HELL ISLAND for FIVE FUCKING YEARS! I THINK HE GOT WHAT WAS COMING TO HIM, BUT I GUESS THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE LANCE FAMILY. Sheesh guys

The Robin Hood song from Shrek is in my head now. "I steal from the rich and give to the needy. He takes a wee percentage, but I'm not greedy" [does jig]


There is this stubble on Oliver's neck that I want to shave off so bad. Neck beard=NO

So far that blonde assistant is the only character I like.

How does he have time to smear that green goop on his face and take it off so quickly?


"If I wear a hood and smear green goop on my eyes no one will recognize me!" But seriously this is some next level PTSD shit. He needs to see a therapist or possibly and exorcist after his time on Blair Witch island of the not-so steady cam.

If he spent less time on his make up, think of how much more crime fighting he could accomplish.

TIL Oxy is the champagne of crack. Do they know that crack and Oxycontin are fundamentally different types of drugs? You don't compare uppers and downers like that.


Marissa's sister from the OC=badass who wears see-through shirts to fancy rich people dinners.

Did you know Sagittarius is Latin for "archer?" No fucking duh.

I feel like I'm in a Windows ad. Felicity, nobody cares about your tablet!

What kind of IT department uses Internet Explorer? I take back what I said about you Felicity.


And BING? They use BING too? UGhghgiahghgrhgerrrr

What's up with Oliver's mom's lip. Is that a stye? Can lips get styes?

Oliver has one on his chin. Matching family face stye things!!

Now that I see it I can't un-see it.

JOHN BORROWMAN. You now have my attention. This show can be as shitty as it needs to be as long as John Borrowman is here.


Dude in red hoodie, could you be any more subtle CW? [googles Roy Harper] no, you could not be any more subtle CW smh


So is that friend I didn't care about who's only purpose was to complain if Laurel and Marissa's sister aren't around.


I have a theme song for Diggle I made up on my head to the tune of Sexy and I Know it by LMFAO, it goes diggle diggle diggle diggle diggle yeah diggle diggle diggle diggle diggle yeah do the diggle man I'm Diggle and I know it. I might be a little unhinged

So Sarah's not dead... and she's Black Canary? Worst. If I were Oliver I'd be throwing this fact in everybody's face like, "she's not dead now shut the fuck up Detective Lance!" But he's just like brood brood brood brood.

I'm becoming less and less invested in STEADY CAM HELL ISLAND since they stopped with the ridiculous cinematography.


Diggle, just kill him or don't kill him, but stop complaining about it.

Is anyone furiously shipping Felicity and Diggle? Because I am.

Barry Allen, aka that douche from Glee, I'm half expecting him to break out into song and dance. Let's face it, I'm only sitting through this to determine if I'll watch The Flash. And let's face it, I'll watch The Flash regardless.


Roid Rage Harper! SMASH! BLARGH

Let's make Roy break up with Marissa's sister because.... reasons! It wouldn't be a superhero show without arbitrary breaking up with people!

And now Thea is the only one who doesn't know Oliver's secret identity. For someone who's secret was so important and shit, he's not very good at keeping it a secret.


Thus solidifying my initial point that Green Arrow is the poor man's Batman, even more so now that he's broke.

At least John Borrowman is back. And Sarah is leaving. The entire Lance family is the worst part of this show. Especially Detective Mumbles Lance with an accent from a city from a cartoon probably.