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Trubel and Tropes

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So, after reading Rob Bricken's recap/review of this weeks Grimm (which I watched last night) and the new character introduced, I posted a comment and as happens I then began thinking about the comparisons between this show, Buffy/Angel, and Sleepy Hollow.



My comment on the io9 article:

"How to Make Trubel.

Take 1 partDana, psychotic slayerand mix with a liberaldose of Faith. When good and frothy, sprinkle on a dash of P!nk. Serve with a side of warmed over sidekick."


There are some obvious references to the new character of Trubel on Grimm that nods towards Faith and Dana in the Buffyverse, but I think there is a more compelling comparison to be made with Jenny Mills on Sleepy Hollow.

Trait/Characteristic/ Story LineGrimm's Theresa Riubel aka TrubelSleepy Hollow's Jennifer Mills aka JennyBuffy-verse Similarity?
General Rebelliousness YesYesFaith – Yes Dana – Sort of
Spent time in criminal justice system Not that we've learned yetYesFaith – Yes Dana – No
Believes only they are 'seeing' the evil in the world which leads to… YesYesFaith – No, she had a watcher Dana - Yes
Spent time in a mental institution YesYesFaith – No Dana – Yes
A "chosen one" to fight the evil in the world YesMaybe?Faith – Yes Dana – Yes
Goes to the dark-side Not enough info yet, but hinted at in preview for next week, sort ofNoFaith – Yes Dana - No
Redemption Storyline Arc Too soon to knowYes, in her sister Abby's eyesFaith – Yes Dana – Uncertain
Relationship, even if complicated one, with main antagonist who is also a 'chosen one'Too soon to knowYesFaith – Yes Dana – No
Overall Compelling Characterization The jury is still outYES, hell YES!!!Faith – HELL YES Dana - No

As I filled out this table, I realized that Buffy also fits a bunch of these categories. Here's the thing, there seems to a broad trope at play here for these characters. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. For me both Faith and Jenny are way more compelling than Trubel and Dana.

Maybe with time Trubel will become a compelling character in her own right but for some reason I feel like she might not given how Grimm generally handles folks new to the whole Wesen are real thing which didn't work out so great for Sgt. Wu. Though Sgt. Wu was back to work this week.


What say you TVClubbers?

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