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Twisted: An Adventure in Binge Watching Pilot 1x01

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So I was tra-la-la (ing) through my netflix when I stumbled upon this little show. I am usually not a fan of the abc fam, but TWO POC LEADS! DONE. This show could be about killing puppies and I would still watch it, for that reason alone.


1x01 Pilot

So, basically the two girls jo and lacey are present when their third friend danny kills his aunt. This was when they were all much younger. Danny goes away to juvie and then when they are all in high school, he moves back to the small town and there is a question as to whether he should be allowed back or not. I'm only eight minutes into this thing and I already hate Jo. Your childhood friend who went through this traumatic experience with you, reaches out to make sure you are ok, invites you to her house to hang/talk, and your response is " I don't want to hang out with you or your superficial friends." ....ok girl. I know danny is supposed to be cray or something but, he could get it. I'm with Regina. So everyone is talking about this party or whatever that is supposed to be happening.Danny is funny. I like him.


The Party.

So Jo comes to the party and Lacey let's her stay, which after how bitchy Jo was about it,makes Lacey the greatest person ever. Jo get wasted and some dude comes on to her and danny get's him to piss off. Jo gets wasted and danny brings her home. Who are super chill about their underage daughter drinking. Yo, I wish I had white tv parents b/c if this had been me I would not be here typing this recap.


After Party

Danny and Lacey are alone in his room talking. And Lacey is talking about how she "paid that time, and spent that bread" to get where she is, post dead danny's aunt. And then they start making googly eyes and it's all kinda hot. HOLD UP! Are danny and Lacey going to get together? Yo, if the show follows through with them... Black Jesus is real y'all. Two POC and neither of them is sacrificing or interested the white girl. This might be the rainbow unicorn of all television.


Then Regina texts danny and oh shit music starts to play.

The Next Morning

Uh oh. Regina has gone to be with Jesus or Lucifer. I am not quite sure tbh. Lacy and crew think it's Danny. I don't think so. Anyway this is a real line that a character says in regards to Regina's death, "I even offered to bang her if she was itching to get banged" *rolls eyes* Omg dude. Like No. So then everyone goes to a school assembly and the Police come to take Danny away to question him. Jo stands up and gives some random speech that doesn't help anything. Then after she accosts Lacy an tells her she has to do something. Lacy is basically like, you don't know my life and stop trying.


Jo tells danny that he should just explain why he killed aunt Tara and he's like my shit is cray/complicated. Later we see that regina's necklace is the same one that belonged to Danny's dead aunt. Dun dun dun

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