This will be a recap of the TV show Scandal as told by my Twitter timeline. There might be spoilers. I won't know since I have never seen it.

The episode starts off as someone walks into a room and becomes Jesus. I think it's Quinn because this person is mentioned a lot. People also wish Quinn was dead. Not really sure why.

Later, Quinn and Huck gets together.

Whoever "Papa Pope" is, people die around him. Stay the fuck away from Papa Pope.

Someone just told some guy named Fitz that someone close to him was raped. Apparently, Fitz is an asshole who is always worried about his feelings, so he's all "#YOLO".

Liv is in love with Fitz. It is now determined that Fitz is an asshole. Liz's father get stabbed and he's all, "What about me?"

Myra was doing some truth telling but went to far with it.

More people die around Quinn.

Huck's kid died. And Huck has some amazing eyes.

Olivia is leaving somewhere or someone.

Huck is looking for his side chick even though his son died.

The show ends.