If you saw the season two finale of Vikings, did you catch the sword that Bjorn unwrapped at the end? It's engraved with runes, and I'm trying to figure them out.

The light catches the sword at some angles that create glare, so here are the best screengrabs I could get.

I'm a while away from my Anglo-Saxon courses, so I'm a little rusty. I'm pretty sure those are Anglo-Saxon runes and not Norse — the third and sixth runes appear in the Anglo-Saxon Fuþorc, but not in the Elder or Younger Fuþark. So this was probably a stolen sword. From what I can see, the runes are

ᛋᚻᚩᚱᛞ ᚩᚠ ᚳᛁᚾᚷᛋ

And I think that would translate to something like "Shard of Kings." Can anyone verify that or otherwise set me straight, and can anyone verify if this is a sword stolen from Angle-Land?