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Was last night's Major Crimes a backdoor pilot?

The most recent episode of Major Crimes had all the elements needed for setting up a spinoff show. I haven't heard anything official but it's hard to think "Two Options" was not a backdoor pilot. Spoilers ahead.

The episode introduced Commander Ann McGinnis (played by Laurie Holden), the acting commanding officer of the LAPD's Special Operations Bureau. They slip in some backstory for her - she lost her husband and child and while qualified doesn't really want the promotion to Deputy Chief.


We also get Fritz Howard being offered the SOB chief job. He can either follow Brenda Johnson to Washington D.C. or retire from the FBI to take the job. Fritz also gets a major "fuck yeah" moment at the climax when he takes out the bad guy of the week.

I would venture that the two SWAT officers featured in the episode are also potential regulars in a new show. Unfortunately the terrible prosecutor will also be part of the package.

I would definitely watch SOB or whatever TNT calls the show if they decide to go for it.

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