We Like to Watch
We Like to Watch

If you want reliable and breaking upfront news, stick to Deadline Hollywood - they have everything before the other outlets do.

On the pickup/cancellation front latest (3:38PDT):


Pickups: Secrets & Lies (Ryan Phillipe & Juliette Lewis - it's an ehh script)


Pick ups: NCIS Spinoff (NCIS: NOLA), CSI Spinoff (CSI Cyber), Scorpion, Madam Secretary, and still untitled Kevin Williamson for dramas. Odd Couple and The McCarthys (revived from 2007) for comedy.



Pickups (all comedy): One Big Happy, Bad Judge, Mission Control (MC is really funny)


Other News:

Parenthood - still bubbled, but I have a feeling they're going to dump it; they're arguing over their episode order and they're having trouble working out the money between what the studio wants to budget and what they have to pay for their above the line talent (too much, considering its ratings).


Nashville - also still in limbo with Lionsgate not thinking they can make the show work on a 13 ep order budget.

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