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Who Else Is Watching The Musketeers?

It's 4 eps into the story in the US, and I'm so hooked. I started watching because I love me a good Van Dyke, and there's good ones on there,

And I love costume dramas—and this one's not super-accurate, but I don't know; there's just something about it that brings me actual joy. I know it's silly. Alexandre Dumas was SOAPY. And I love every second.


The show was created by Adrian Hodges, who left Primeval when My Week With Marilyn was on its Oscar push. I'm glad he's back with television, because Primeval was surprisingly fun. That's another one that brought me joy. Light, foolish joy. In The Musketeers, I see the tropes, and I don't care. I like the women, maybe because they are paint-by-number characters that the actresses bring likability to. They have cheesy feminist lines, but I still root for them to stick around and see more of them. I love Athos, Porthos, & Aramis, and there's a reason their story keeps being told. I even like D'artagnan, with his new-guy-for-exposition purpose.

I hope this one gets 5 solid series, and delves into the other books for their weekly stories. It's done a really good job so far in retelling the core story. Athos' story made my heart tight. I'm waiting for Aramis' moment when he learns that his girlfriend didn't leave him, but was killed by her other boyfriend.

I watch a LOT of television. I went to school for 7 years to learn dramatic storytelling. I am very analytical in my viewing. But every once in a while a show comes along that I can't help but truly enjoy. I'm so glad to have found this one. I hope it sticks around for a while. Tell me other people are watching it, and if you aren't, then you should be.

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